Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Special Pre-Birthday party haircut fun last Friday

I took my girls to the Hairy Elephant for a little pre-birthday haircut. They loved it there. Here they are having fun getting pampered.

Here Kaylee is being silly making funny faces while having her hair cut.  She was excited to fly the airplane while watching Bubble Guppies.
Sophia was just smiling and driving the golf cart while getting her hair cut and styled.

After her hair was trimmed up, she wanted pigtails in her hair.  She borrowed Sophia's Strawberry dress.  She just had to wear it because she doesn't have a strawberry dress.  She literally threw a fit insisting she had to wear the strawberry dress mommy made even though it was too big.  I guess I better get busy sewing a little dress with strawberries for her. 

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