Sunday, May 19, 2013

Container gardening on my deck

This year I have once again started my container gardening.  I truly enjoy walking out on the deck and obtaining vegetables for dinner.  I love to cut a fresh salad mix of vegetables and be able to eat it that night. You can almost eat a tasty salad without dressing when it is right off the vine or plant. Clip a bit of lettuce, basil, parsley, and add a bit of celery and carrots and you have a delicious salad.  I can't begin to explan how much more flavorful food is when it is fresh from the plant.  

To make a container garden, you need patience and very very large flower pots.  The bigger the pot the better for root space, growth, and water retention.  Pictured is my romaine lettuce.
Here is some loose leaf lettuce.
Spinach is a must because nutritionally you get the most bang for your buck.  We eat it in salads fresh as well as blend it into many others dishes I make. I even blend spinach in the blender for smoothies.
Sophia loves to cut veggies and bring them in for dinner.
Her newest favorite is chocolate mint leaves in ice water.  Sometimes, she just grabs a few leaves to chew on too.
Fresh parley, basil, and oregano are always a must for me.  I can't cook like my grandmother if I don't have spices.  Yummy!

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