Friday, May 3, 2013

Tiptoeing through the tulips and feeding Koi fish

It was a beautiful day so Kaylee and I went to the Lake St. Louis Garden Center. I was looking for vegetable plants for our garden. Little did I know we would find a whole lot more there than plants.

Kaylee loved smelling the gorgeous blooming tulips. She told me they smelled really nice. "Let's smell more of these pretty flowers momma!"

When we walked inside the shop the store clerk asked if Kaylee would enjoy feeding the Koi fish for her. Kaylee was so excited as the sweet clerk handed her a cup of fish food. She told Kaylee as long as mommy stood nearby it was okay to stand on the outdoor bench so she could reach and feed the fish. As pictured here, you can see Kaylee loved feeding the bugle mouthed Koi. She said," Fish come here. I feed you breakfast. One two three four five fish food". It made me smile to see her so happy caring for these little animals.

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