Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sophia's newest custom designed owl outfit by her favorite designer -mom

A few weeks ago I acquired a new serger. Usually, when I start sewing or serging I work nonstop.  However, this fun whimsical little outfit took me weeks to complete because I am still learning how to use all the new features on my new serger. This new model has so many features and possibilities that my old serger was not capable of doing. Each time I would start on another part of the
blouse or
skirt, I would read and decide which stitch
 I could practice.   
This project took awhile since I was learning these fancy rolled hems like this pictured below...
And the newest Wave Rolled Hem like pictured below
It was so much fun to try all these cool stitches on my machine.
I even had to pull out my old standard sewing machine and practice buttonholes which I haven't done in quite some time.  It was a bit of a fun challenge sewing buttonholes that would
accommodate owl shaped buttons.  My daughter loves the owl buttons.  
Below is a back view of the outfit displaying the owl buttons.
So as you can see, Sophia loves her new whimsical outfit that mommy made for her. Now, Kaylee wants one.  Maybe Kaylee's won't take as long as this one if I ever get around to starting it. 

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