Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The mini dress

I serged a quick mini version of the ruffled flowered zebra print dress for Kaylee.

Here is the back. It is even although the photo doesn't look that way. It is hanging crooked on the hanger on the doorknob.

Here is where I made the basic mini dress patterns. They are a little hard to see because the reflection of the light on the vinyl.

The second time making this dress was easier. I cut out all the same shapes as the original for this dress just a little bit smaller for Kaylee's dress.

Kaylee is always on the move so it is hard to snap a good picture of her wearing the dress.

Here is another view under Sophia's bike.

She is such a busy girl.

This is where everything landed when we got home

Standing but crouched over.

Now, my next challenge is to make the accessories for this dress.

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