Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Angels were playing Golf in my backyard. I think they need a little practice.

We have had some very turbulent weather this year starting December 31 and continuing throughout the winter and spring.  Today the Angels decided to pelt my house with golf-ball sized hail as they practiced playing golf on the golf course.  At first,  it was just a few misses.  You can barely see the hole on the green with the Winghaven flag removed here so I can understand why they missed.

And then they missed and hit the golf cart path and my backyard several more times.

Then, I think the Angels just got angry and started beaming golf ball sized hail at my deck table. I was praying it wouldn't break the glass.  The effect of it bouncing off the glass was neat.

And when the Angels were all through playing golf on the golf course, the blanket of icy white covered the green.  I don't know if they hit any into the hole but they sure made a mess of the green.  Looks like the golf course maintenance is going to have lots of cleaning up to do today.
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