Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Bunny visit 2011

Kaylee and Sophia visiting the Easter bunny 2011.

We got up really early today and took the girls out for breakfast for a treat. I was super careful to cover their dresses I sewed with bibs so they wouldn't get food on their little dresses and matching floppy hats.

We told our sweet girls we were going to visit the Easter bunny. Kaylee just looked at us with an unknowing blank look but Sophia knew what we were talking about.

Here is Sophia smiling when she found out where the Easter bunny was located.

This photo was taken shortly after we were ambushed by the mall stores and St Louis magazine papparazzi. They wanted photos of these outfits I sewed for my girls. Who knew we would feel like celebrities just by going to see the Easter bunny. In fact, quite honestly I would never have expected to have been approached for a magazine photo shoot in the mall, but I guess they find you sometimes wherever you go. I will let you know if we get published.

It made me feel good that the women liked the dresses and hats I sewed and wanted to know if I was on Etsy so they could buy them. Guess I better get busy making more of my floppy hats and dresses.

The girls telling the bunny what they wanted. I overheard the conversation. It went something like this, " Easter bunny this is Kaylee Mae. She is my sister and she wants surprises. I want surprises too. Here is what I like. I want Squinkies and a chocolate bar. Daddy wants M& Ms so can you bring those for him. Please come to my house and hide the eggs. We love you

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