Saturday, November 6, 2010

Olivia and Mod Podge

I printed out the characters from the Nickjr website for Olivia and had to figure out what to make with them. Obviously a three year old can't play with paper characters? What to do? Mod Podge, plastic cups, and a little creativity. I would have liked to Mod Podge these onto wooden blocks or something but I didn't have any so plastic cups will have do.

I set up everything and showed Sophia how to glue the characters onto the cups. Then, I handed her a sponge brush, a smock, plastic gloves and here is what she did.

Complete Concentration

Painting with the Mod Podge

She takes her crafts pretty seriously.

Keep going

Smiled at me while creating and having fun.

She loved this so much. We just might have to do a few more Mod Podge projects. They are so fun and easy.

Sophia made her own playset of Olivia characters with Mod Podge. She looks pretty proud of her new toys.

I am sure she can't wait to play with Olivia and friends when these dry.

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