Sunday, November 7, 2010

Made recycled Soda Pop Bottles Wonderpets birdfeeders

We use a lot of soda bottles in this house. So, I thought why not recycle them into something good? Let's make birdfeeders.  We have lots of bird lovers in our family, Grandma, Great Grandma and Sophia.  Last year we painted a wood one, but this year I wanted to make one out of recycled stuff. So I created the basic birdhouse design out of a two-liter bottle. Obviously, a three- year old can't do the cutting on this so I had to do that ahead of time. She glued the pieces on though.

After we laid everything out, I put some Mod Podge on a paper plate, handed Sophia a sponge brush and some pictures of the Wonder Pets I printed and cut out from Nickjr. I briefly told her that it was like glue and to use the sponge brush to apply them. She got the picture right away and started working.

She began by coating the plastic soda bottle in Mod Podge and them applying the paper cut-out characters. She told me that it was fun.

Then, she began to cover the paper cut-outs in Mod Podge

She put a nice thick coat of it on the bottle.

She told me it was like painting.

Almost done...  We sprayed them with a clear coat to protect them and let them dry.

Here are the two birdfeeders we made. She then wanted to make more and told her dad to drink another soda so we could make another one.

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