Thursday, November 11, 2010

Girls painting Christmas ornaments

We hosted a painting play-date in our basement with a couple of Sophia's friends. I covered everything in newspaper and a drop cloth worried how toddlers would do with this acrylic paint and hoping to not have to explain what happened to the basement later to my husband.  I was surprised that the girls were so careful that they didn't even get a drop of paint on the drop cloth on the floor.  I remember when I first started doing painting crafts with Sophia and somehow she got paint on everything including her socks so I was amazed all the paint managed to stay on the ornaments, and the newspaper topped kid table.

The idea was to have the girls paint ornaments as gifts for family and friends for Christmas.

Each mom bought several little ceramic ornaments for the girls to paint.

We handed the girls paint brushes and a little paint and they began to paint.

Sophia is painting the ornament.

Working on the details.

I was surprised how quickly they finished the ornaments.

Here are sophia's finished ornaments. I was pretty impressed with how well she did especially for a three-year-old.

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