Thursday, April 1, 2010



A girl after my own heart. She grabbed the wine bottle that was sitting on the table from dad's dinner last night and told me to take a picture with it. No worries, she did not drink it.

Messy Twinkies with strawberries. The messiest foods are always the best.

My neighbor brought by some yummy strawberries she picked up at the produce stand and briught them to me this morning. As you can see Sophia couldn't wait to eat them. I found that my husband must have bought some Twinkies so we had one with the strawberries for a pseudo strawberry shortcake.

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Emalily said...

haha.....did you have flash forwards of Sophia in college taking drunken pictures with alcohol bottles raised up!!

Sikes Family said...

Yes, i did. It was so funny, how she leaned over to the bottle that my husband left on the table and said, mommy take a picture now.