Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Planting the seedlings

Spphia is Planting squash in this bucket.

The weather was beautiful today and our seedlings that we planted have sprouted into small plants. It is time to plant them. As you can see we sat outside on the deck and Sophia planted the small plants in the soil. She got quite a kick out of digging in the soil.

Here, she is breaking apart the potting soil. She also fertilized them, fed, and watered the small plants.

Cucumber plants


The cucumbers are also planted in large pots to get started.


Sophia planted the beans in smaller pots for now.

Hopefully, we will have some veggies grow out of these. We have lots more to plant but will need to get more soil for our pots from the store.

At least, we have s few of the bigger plants getting started.

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