Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ready to go to purina farm with her cousins

Sophia is so excited. My cousins are coming by to take her to Purina for the day.

She is so excited

She has everything plus, she needs.  She wanted to take toys too, but I encouraged her not to take the very large Elmo or any other toys for that matter. You should have seen what she packed in her own backpack before I took all the toys out and replaced it with her lunch.  She has Elmo, cup of water, lunch packed in her owl backpack.

Here, she is showing us her backpack with her lunch. She requested an apple and a sandwich for her lunch. I added some grapes and raisins too for snacks.  She is wearing her raincoat because it was really overcast last Saturday.

She is anxiously waiting for Roslyn, Vanessa, Nathan, and Jamie Ray to arrive. Jamie Ray is about 6 months younger than her so they will have fun exploring and playing together.

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