Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Invasion of Giant Water Walker

This morning Sophia comes running into my bedroom while we were asleep dreaming of STL Cardinals winning World Series games.  Sophia whispers loud enough for me to hear, "Daddy, come quick there something scary in my fish tank!   Hurry, I think it already ate a fish.  Mom,  it is a big scary creature,,,,...called a "Giant Water Walker!"  It is trying to drink all the water in the tank."
    ( I made Sophia draw her scary Giant Water Walker. it had hair over its eyes with three feet in the front and three feet in the back and a large pink tongue.)

"Debbie, what is in the tank, you're commander of the fish tanks around here.  Did you buy a new creature?"  Questioned Scott.

"Absolutely not!" I exclaimed. "I have never heard of a Giant Water Walker.  What on earth is she talking about?  I guess I better go see what is invading her fish tank. Sophia show me the Giant Water Walker!"

"Mom," says Sophia, "Hurry before it eats another fish!"

I looked in the fish tank and what did I find?  Yes, a big black......

Tank Heater which shifted a bit.  I reattached it to the glass wall of the fish tank and reassured her that the legend of the Giant Water Walker was now over.  No need to be worried or scared and no fish were harmed in this crazy story. Mystery of the invasion of the Water Walker solved. 

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