Sunday, October 13, 2013

Daniel's Farm Pumpkin Patch Friday October 11 Kindergarten Field trip and MOPS Playdate

 Friday was an interesting day.  Sophia's Kindergarten class had their first field trip to the Pumpkin Patch at Daniel's Farm.  She was so excited to go.  She went there last year with her Pre-K class so she knew what to expect.  I really wanted to go with her but younger siblings are not permitted to go and I had nowhere to send Kaylee since it wasn't a school day for her.  Meanwhile our MOPS group scheduled a playdate to the same place at the same time.  I am the MOPS Coordinator for 2013 -2014 at our church and my social planner planned this not knowing that ICD would be there at the same time.  Whoa!  That was a lot of kids.  Luckily, since we weren't really on a schedule like the school kids who have to get back to school for lunch and studying, we were able to hang back and wait until the crowd died down before we went and checked out the farm too.  The preschoolers from MOPS were happy just to talk and look at the Koi fish pond and wait a bit.  So it all worked out just fine.
Here is my sweet Kaylee waiting for her friends to arrive.  She is wearing a winter hat I sewed for Sophia a few years back.  She found it in the winter clothes stash and decided it was the perfect hat to wear for the day.  I choose my battles and figure well eventually she will get hot and take it off and sure enough, she did.  

Kaylee checking out some piglets with a friend.

Kaylee and several best buddies playing in the corn.  Needless to say baths were needed immediately after this outing.  I am still finding corn in my washing machine.

Kaylee had to try driving all the tractors.

A little help from a wise friend. Turn the wheel and you will go that way.

More corn fun.

Just swinging around

Riding the horse cart on the tractor pull train.

"Mommy, um, I can't drive this big tractor.  I can't go anywhere because there are pumpkins in my way.

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