Saturday, April 6, 2013

Riding the elephants and other fun at the STL Zoo 4/5/2013

My husband took a vacation day and we went to the Zoo as a family. The girls rode the carousel. In the carousel photo, Sophia is riding a cheetah. If you look closely you can see Kaylee looking at the camera in the background. I find it ironic that Sophia didn't like carousels at all for the longest time and now she begs to ride them.

We saw the sea lion exhibit for the first time.  It wasn't completed last year when we were there yet. So, we had fun walking through the underwater tunnel.

Another highlight of our trip was the hippopotamus exhibit. Kaylee was so excited to see the hippo swim that she stayed at the habit for a long while. She kept telling us in the car on the way there, "I can't wait to see the hippopotamus."

During the River's Edge exploration we stopped by the elephants' habitat. Upon arrival Kaylee said to me, "Mommy, can I go ride the elephants?"

The surrounding moms and dads giggled out loud as they heard my reply of, "Honey, as fun as that sounds I don't think the elephants would like that very much."

So, Kaylee being a polite little individual walked up to the end of the elephant cage and looked straight at the elephant asking, "Elephant may I ride you, please?"

The people around me laughed again when they heard her as one uttered gently, "This isn't a carnival with a friendly smile on his face."

I gently told her that I didn't think the elephant wanted to give piggy back rides right now, but offered to put her on my shoulders so she could see the elephant better. She loved that idea and laughed with delight as I hoisted my little girl up for a better view of her new friend Raja.

We had a great day as a family and look forward to future zoo adventures.

Look Kaylee is actually looking at the camera.

Kaylee, on the right, at the ape house telling me about the monkeys.  A little girl walked right into my photo. I don't know the girl in the peace symbol shirt.

The Sea Lions

Daddy lifting his little monkey up to see the Sea Lions.
Kaylee and Sophia watching the hippos and fish.

Sophia looking bored and sassy.

Kaylee giving directions on where to go with the map.
In the Insectarium watching butterflies.

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