Thursday, April 11, 2013

Avocado trees - just add water and sunlight

I thought since my girls have been interested in gardening and growing food,  I thought we would try something fun. The other night I made fresh guacamole from avocados to go with our chicken fajitas.

I thought instead of throwing away the large avocado seeds, why not make a fun science lesson out of it and teach my girls where the food on their table originates. They think everything starts at the grocery store.  If you ask them where does food come from, they will say mom buys it at the store.

After dinner I washed the avocado seeds and dried them so no residue was left from the avocado. Then, I soaked the seeds to keep them soft and fresh for two days.

Today I gave each of my daughters an empty baby food jar filled with toothpicks and an avocado seed. I told them that we ate the avocados the other day. We discussed where avocados come from and how they grow on trees. We also talked about what is necessary to make plants and trees grow. They told me water, soil, sun, and a place to grow were needed.  So we are creating a place for them to grow.

I showed them that all of the plants / vegetables we recently planted have roots and that is how the water is drawn into the plants from the soil because they don't have hands like us. I explained we were going to help the seeds start to make roots so they can grow plants. We are using jars so that they can watch the roots emerge from the seed. Then, they will transplant the rooted plants into pots of soil.

"Yeah, I can't wait to grow an avocado tree."
"What do we do mommy?"

Push the toothpicks into the avocado like a cross.  Sophia happily took charge of showing her sister what I was saying.

Here they are so happy to each have their own tree to grow.

Patience is very important when growing trees.  Avocado trees can take from 4 to 7 years to produce actual avocados.

Just add water

Kaylee watching Sophia add the water to the jar very carefully.  Next add sunshine and have lots of patience.
Last, add love and care.

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