Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baby Lock Evolution Serger - my new baby

I have a new baby baby baby. I have a new baby Baby Lock Evolution Serger.

I was trying out some stitches on my brand new Baby Lock Evolution Serger and accidentally made a tiny apron for my daughter's doll.  I was just trying all the neat features and looked down and realized the fabric looked like an apron with a little detail pink threading at the bottom.  We randomly tried it on Cookie Crumbles her Lalaloopsy doll and it fit.

Here she is with another doll's dress on and the tiny apron with a couple fancy stitches displayed.  I can't wait to see what other fancy stitches I can make with this amazing machine.

The delicate ties for the apron are serger chains woven and knotted off.

Here is my new Baby.  I cannot wait to sew all the fabric I have been collecting in my sewing room with this new Baby Lock Evolution Serger.

Here is my 136 page guide I have been reading very slowly to learn everything.  As I read I am dreaming of all the posibilites of what I can make.

Reading instruction manuals has never been my favorite activity, but I always read the manuals so that I don't miss any important cool features that a new toy can do.  (Yes, I am the kid who reads the car manuals, directions on every toy that comes into this house.  I have always done it and probably always will.)  This instruction manual came in the Babylock Serger and is 89 pages.  I am only on page 38 as of now but the next few pages look really interesting. I am starting to read about features this new serger can do that my old beloved Protege serger couldn't do. My old machine has been loved to death.  I received it as a college graduation gift from my family.  Although it cannot be repaired due to worn out obsolete parts, I may never be able to part with it.  It has been my loyal companion for 17 years.   It is the second machine I have owned and I have learned so much on it.
I am very excited about all the potential fun items I can make with my new serger.  It is so much faster than a sewing machine and has 5 thread needles, 3 loopers.  This means it takes eight cones of thread and can sew eight threads simultaneously.  I am stunned by this.  Really?  How do they not get tangled up at such a fast sewing rate?  It is amazing what one can dream up when given new tools and a piece of fabric.   I can't wait to explore the possibilities.

P.S. Stay tuned for fun new items I make while learning all the new features.  My serger class starts in May.  I just can't wait to see what I will learn. 

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