Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treating with my Disney Crew

Trying to entertain the little people with some last minute pumpkin craft fun before Trick or Treating time. Here Kaylee is placing stickers on a paper plate that she was supposed to be coloring like a pumpkin.

Sophia colored her picture to be a witch pumpkin.

Kaylee was SO excited about being Minnie Mouse.

Spinning around in the big twirly skirt makes it balloon up.

"This is fun!"

Putting on the hair an attaching her crown to the wig.
A hairpin here and a hairpin there.
Wow!  Kaylee looks translucent and almost magical spinning around in here twirly skirt with her Minnie Mouse tail.

A little adjustment to the top because she had to wear a warm shirt underneath.  I didn't sew it with the intent for her to wear clothes underneath the skin colored blouse but it was necessary because it was chilly outside. I matched the fabric to her skin as best as I could so she would look like she was just wearing the seashell top but she would be decent.
Trick or Treating has begun.   Look at the smiles on the girls faces.

Trotting through the streets in search of candy....

Trick or Treat.

Warm yourself by the outdoor fire Ariel.

Kaylee on the run for more candy.

Trick or Treat.

Ready, Set, Go!

When do we get to eat our treats?
Kaylee hamming it up with her water.

Kaylee being silly.

Take a picture of my candy.

Tongue out.
Kaylee being a two-year-old doing raspberries.

Finally a picture they are both smiling in.

I went out for a few houses.  Here my Disney crew is showing me where they are going to trick or treat next.

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