Friday, November 9, 2012

Problem: Can I design and sew better potty training pants for my potty training child?

The answer is "Yes, I can and did!"

I am always trying to find new ways to solve parenting problems or issues and make it easier on us moms with the things I make.  Lately the biggest challenge was how do I get my two year old out of diapers or Pull-Ups?

Front of fancy pretty panties

Back of fancy pretty panties Pull Up style training pants.

I have been wondering for a few years if I could sew a better training pull up underwear for my potty training 2 year old. I hate the training pants you buy at the store because if you don't put plastic pants over them they will leak if my kid has an accident. Plastic pants that are sold in stores are hot and Kaylee takes them off because when she moves, they make a rustling plastic swishing sound. The problem with Real store-bought Huggies Pull Ups" is my daughter thinks it is a diaper and just goes in them.

So I challenged myself to see if I could make Kaylee some "Fancy Pretty Panties". I used PUL (polyurethane laminate) fabric

to make them waterproof and moisture dri-weave wicking liner fabric

for the inside layers to absorb wetness and feels soft next to the skin. The sides are made of a soft interlock fabric so they are stretchy to allow the child to pull them up and down with ease. I also decided that Velcro type tabs were necessary for those times when we are out and about around town, and I don't want up have to pull off all my daughter's pants, shoe, socks etc. just to change her if she has an accident like traditional training pants.

Kaylee was SO excited because I let her choose her own PUL fabric for the outside. She chose the colorful butterflies on yellow as her favorite fabric in the store.

I asked my local fabric stores a couple years ago when they were going to start carrying PUL (polyurethane laminate) fabric and they tried to sell me tablecloth fabric. NO! I am not making training pants or diapers out of a tablecloth. No way! Can you imagine what the other mommies would think if my kid went around wearing a tablecloth. Not to mention how silly my kid would feel wearing a tablecloth on her bottom. Finally just a few months ago my local fabric stores started carrying PUL in cute kid designs. PUL is a waterproof breathable polyurethane laminated fabric that does not leak and can be laundered.  It can even be put in the dryer and won't melt. I have been thinking about making these for several months but just finally got around to challenging myself to the task.

I gave these custom made training pants to Kaylee the other day and she was so excited that she instantly had to put them on. They fit her skinny little body perfectly because i made them based on her exact measurements. She proudly slipped them on as fast as she could and jumped and paraded around the room modeling them and showing them off to big sister and her daddy. It was quite a funny show to see. "I am a big girl now!" she exclaimed.  She asked her big sister if she was wearing Pretty Panties too and Sophia replied that she was just like Kaylee.   She reassured her that she shouldn't go potty in the pretty panties, but rather go on the potty chair.

I am proud to say with her Fancy Pretty butterfly Panties she stayed dry by using the potty all day. She didn't want to mess them up so mommy would make another pair for her. Yeah!

If your having trouble potty training like I was and you need "a better pair of training pants"; let me know.  I would be happy to make some custom training pants for your child. No worries moms of boys, there are super cute boy designs in PUL fabric that I could use if you have a son. I truly believe potty training is harder and more frustrating on the parents than for the child. If I can help make it easier for you, by all means let me know. This idea worked for my darling sweet comical Kaylee and maybe these could help you too.

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