Friday, July 6, 2012

A quick update on the Veggies from Sophia's and Kaylee's secret garden

Since I haven't been sewing much because my Serger is still broken and can't be fixed, and I haven't gotten a new one, I have focused my energy on gardening.

Thursday July 5, I started early trying to build the fence to put around the beans and peas so they could climb. I realize I should probably have built this several weeks ago but sometimes  life just happens and you can't get it all done. It was not an easy task unrolling the chicken wire and flattening it out. I laid the poles on top of the chicken wire to try to keep it flat,  Then, hammering the 6 foot poles into the ground was tasking at best in this heat. I decided that hanging the chicken wire and pounding the remainder of the poles could be left to a sub-100 day. Whew! It was a hot one today.

I started harvesting some of the long neck yellow squash and the giant zucchini. I gave these first ones away to my father for helping me and watering my plants regularly.

Here are more zucchini and squash minus one huge zucchini I gave to my next door neighbor this afternoon for her to share with her out of town company. Then, I started trying to figure out what I could do with this huge fresh squash and zucchini.  I gave a couple to more neighbors.  They were all puzzled as to where my garden was since they didn't see it in my yard anywhere but appreciative that I thought of them. I will have lots more zucchini and squash to harvest next week that are almost ready for picking that are still on the plants. I only took the largest ones today afraid of where to put them all.  These alone nearly filled up my trunk of my car. The couple of plants I have are very prolific this year.  I am just completely stunned that I have this much from only a couple of plants and more where that came from.  I only had three acorn squash so far but more soon which I can't wait to bake in the oven.

 Look at my sweet Sophia so proud of our veggies and excited to help mommy figure out what to do with all these and the soon to be ripe cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, carrots, yellow bell peppers, red bell peppers, beans, peas, and asparagus.  I also have lettuce which is looking good and crisp. The honeydew have tons of flowers but no melons yet.  I don't think we are going to have any strawberries this year because it is just too stinking hot. :(  I will have to plant those earlier next year.   I just love seeing my little girls pick the veggies from the plants and the joy in their eyes when they fill their little harvest buckets they carry through the garden with me as we find the yummy goodness.  Does this blog make you hungry for some yummy vegetables?

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