Thursday, July 12, 2012

More fresh vegetables from the Sophia and Kaylee garden

Today's vegetable harvest is pictured.  I am so excited that we have so many fresh veggies each week.  The cucumbers are starting to be ready for consumption.  Everything here was picked and brought back today.  I can't take credit for the tomatoes at the bottom of the photograph.  The neighbor gardener Jim brought those over to me while I was sweating hammering more stakes into the ground and hanging chicken wire fence.  I gave him some fresh squash and fresh cucumbers. He started his tomatoes a month earlier than we did because he bought his plants way down south somewhere. I have hundreds of green tomatoes so far but only 1 red one so far.  It is the tiny red one below the green onions and above the cucumbers in the photo.  I just finished four hours of labor intensive work in the garden and barely had the energy to wash all these yummy vegetables. I can't wait to sink my teeth into their fresh juiciness. MMMM!  The salad we are having with dinner is going to be yummy tonight.

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