Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pop Tarts - home-made

My mom gave me a recipe to try making pop tarts. I figured it might be fun to try with Sophia.

I consider Pop Tarts a quick easy "Mom needs a cheat breakfast" and don't let my kids have them all that often. I know they are terrible for us and well let's face it loaded with sugar and fat. I try to only let my kids have them when we have to be somewhere at some crazy early hour and I don't want them to scream "I eat!" or "Mommy, I am hungry!" at the top of their lungs and make me look like a bad mom. Feeding them cardboard slathered in gooey strawberry preserves gel covered with sugared icing creates a lot of guilt for me but makes me get through the morning on those days.

So I thought I would try making these pop tarts and see if I could make them oh a tiny bit better, albeit sugar free gooey strawberry preserves. They were okay but I would make the crust a tiny bit thinner next time more like a pie crust. They tasted okay but Sophia was really not able to help after we used the mixer because the crust was a bit crumbly and needed a mom's touch to pull together. I will make them again but definitely not an option for a quick on the go option. Sorry kids, cardboard slathered with gooey gel preserves and topped in sugary icing will still be your breakfast on those days we have to get moving out the door super early. Love you kids, but this one takes time and would have to be made the night before and let's face it I am just not a good planner sort of person. Last minute cardboard breakfast will be served here now and then.

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