Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eat your veggies

Sophia could write the book on how to trick your parents into letting you stay up later for preschoolers. This girl thinks of everything patents have ever heard and last night was no exception at nine thirty. Here's how the conversation went:

Sophia says, "I am so hungry!"

Daddy, "You are just making excuses to stay up later. Go to bed."

Sophia whines, "Mommy, I am sssooo hungry!"

Mommy replies, "Sophia if you ate your dinner better, you wouldn't be starving. Now, you will have to wait until our next meal. We might even consider a snack if you had eaten your dinner. Go to bed."

Sophia exclaimed, "Daddy, please. I need to eat. I am so hungry now. I was hungry before we played soccer and after we played soccer tonight at the school! Tears started appearing in the corners of her eyes.

Daddy says to mommy, "Maybe she really is hungry. Mommy, do you have any of those vegetables Sophia can eat?"

Mommy says, "Of course! I will get them now!". For about the last eight or nine months Sophia has been saying she doesn't like vegetables typical three year old exerting her independence.

Daddy tells Sophia she can have some veggies for a snack and Sophia exclaims, "Yeah! I can eat!"

She gobbled down every last vegetable so she was truly hungry not making excuses this time.

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