Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sleeve bib

Front of bib showing crumb pocket.

Back view of sleeve bib

I love my darling little Kaylee but she is one messy eater. I am just short of putting her in a straight-jacket to eat meals most days. So this idea for a sleeve bib has been on my mind for awhile. I think I will tweak it a bit for the next one but I think the general idea is coming together.

I sewed it with the intent of being able to let Kaylee eat without destroying her clothes. I am hoping to cut down on laundry a bit. Even though I put bibs on her for every meal, she manages to get food outside the bib everytime. Yuck! Hopefully, this will help a bit.

I used some fabric I had leftover from some dresses I sewed for my girls.

Recycled part: I used a T-shirt collar that I cut out of an old white T-shirt for the ribbing of the neck since I didn't have any ribbing fabric so it would stretch and slide over Kaylee's head. I just serged it into the neckline.

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