Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Child sized adjustable Beach blanket cover up

It is swimsuit season and we are spending a lot of time at the pool. With swimming daily comes the need for lots of swimsuits and multiple cover-ups. So, although I haven't tried making any swimsuits yet, I have tried making a few beach cover-ups. This is my latest. It is fully adjustable and can be made flat to be used as a towel or beach blanket.

Here Sophia is trying it out for the first time at the pool.

Lay it out flat for a beach towel or

If you have a beach chair, you can tie it down so it won't blow away.  This is my own personal original design so please be respectful of the time and thought put into it and do not copy it.  I did not use a pattern at all.  I drew and designed it completely to be original.

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