Monday, June 13, 2011

And by all means a girl can always use another tutu

The sparkling tutu I serged.

This weekend I had a few minutes to play in my sewing room at one point while my girls napped.

I had some sparkly iridescent scrap fabric that I had picked up awhile back that I hadn't done anything with yet so I figured, why not make something.

I decided it was just big enough to make a sparkly tutu for my girls. I gathered it with the ruffling foot on my serger and attached it to some elastic. Then, I added the satin blanket binding I had leftover from another project for a waistband casing and in minutes I had made a tutu.

When Kaylee saw it she grabbed it right away hoping it was hers. Then, about a second later Sophia woke up and wanted it. Since there was only enough fabric here for one, I guess my girls will have to fight for it because you know a girl can never have too many tutus.

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