Friday, May 6, 2011

Sophia's pillowcase dress

Pillowcase dresses are everywhere and every little girl needs one right?

So I set out with that thought in mind.
1. Obtain cute pillowcase.
2. Cut out armholes
3. Fold over top cut edge and sew a simple casing.
4. String fancy ribbon or cording through casing and let your little girl delight in wearing a new dress.

Sounds simple enough. Sure, I can make a pillowcase dress today while my girls nap.

So I searched high and low in my home. A cute pillowcase was not an option so I went searching through my favorite fabric stash.

Ta da! As I thought about making this I thought I better use a super cute fabric to make the pillowcase dress because honestly, what little girl wants to walk around looking like she is wearing a flour sack! Not my girl!

She wants a detailed super cute dress that people compliment her in when worn. So Debbie got caught up in the Details and made Sophia a dress I would have envied when I was a little girl with lots of ruffles, details, and bows in a bright contrasting fabric colors. Now that's a dress my girl will love and wear.

Wow! Mom you made a dress for me.

Here is the back view.

Twirling around makes those ladybugs zip by..

Showing off mommy's work

Notes for me:
I used a pillowcase for the basic size and hemmed for my three year old size, roughly a 5T since a pillowcase length would be about right for an average height seven year old.
I cut armholes at two inches from the sides on the top edge and serged them with a three thread rolled hem.

Then, I cut strips two inches wide and about 21 inches long strips out of the polka dot fabric and serged all raw edges with a three thread rolled hem. I stuck that polka dot fabric back in the serger and set the ruffling foot in motion and like magic lots of ruffles appeared. I sewed those onto the neckline and the bottom edge hem and serged up the side seams with a normal four thread straight stitch and there you have it, a new dress.

Now, I have to get started on the accessories to match and one for Kaylee too.

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