Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The ladybug and polka dot ensemble

Matching accessories for the ladybug pillowcase dress.

Every three year old needs some fancy bloomers since they don't understand that you just can't lift up your dress in public. Sometimes they want to run around splash in puddles, climb ladders, or swing on swings at the park and having your panties show just won't do.

And a floppy hat to match...

Oh, and of course it is reversible for those days when you feel like you need more polka dots.

"Sunbonnet Sue"  or maybe "Holly Hobbie"comes to mind in this photo, but I think with that fancy hat, she could give the fancy bonnets worn at the Kentucky Derby this past weekend a little challenge.

This has been a busy week for me. I taught myself to install a zipper in the fly of a pair of dress slacks because a best friend of mine needed help and well let's just say, I have a sewing machine or two so we figured it out.

Then, last night I had a couple hours to myself while my husband worked and decided to make bloomers or as my darling Sophia likes to call them pretty panties covers and a reversible hat to match the pillowcase dress.

I love using my serger to make these adorable floppy hats and my sweet girls love wearing them so that works out pretty well. Sewing these hats on my serger is a snap. I made this whole hat including cutting the fabric and ironing in the waterproof lining that gives it it's shape in a little over an hour.

Next on the list is making the mini me version for little Kaylee baby. If you ever wondered why I usually make the bigger version first, I can tell you why. There are two reasons. It is easier to size a pattern down that I make than to size up and the smaller version takes less fabric in most cases, unless I make a mistake and have to start over, so I can use the leftovers to make the smaller version.

If you know any little girls who need a super cute outfit like this, let me know.  If I can find the fabric again, I can make one for you.

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