Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter morning - the baskets

"Wow, mommy! The Easter Bunny came and left surprises." exclaimed Sophia on Easter morning.

"Look Kaylee, we have Easter baskets filled with presents!"

Sleeping beauty mini princess.

Kaylee checking out the bunny.

Kaylee intrigued by her basket.

Sophia and Kaylee opening their baskets.

"Look mom! The Easter Bunny remembered I wanted Squinkies!"

I love this sitting opposite photo. I wish I could have convinced Kaylee to keep her floppy hat I made for them on a bit longer.

"Mommy! I got a game for the red DS game."

Ooh, a dress was hiding in that basket under the floppy eared bunny.

Still digging through their loot in their baskets.

Happy Easter!

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