Thursday, January 28, 2010

Such a Girly Girl - Hairbows, Necklaces, Bracelets, Purse and a Lipstick

Sophia was playing dress-ups.  She not only wanted ponytails with Hello Kitty ribbons today, she also wanted to wear all her little beads and bracelets too. She looked like she was ready for Mardi Gras with all those colorful strings of beads around her neck.  Then, she found her Care Bear Purse that I sewed for her just a few days ago.

Here she is showing it to me as she gets ready to put her toy lipstick inside the little drawstring bag.

She was playing dress-ups she told me as she grabbed the purse straps.

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Beth said...

Don't you just LOVE having a girl!! :)

Sikes Family said...

Yes. It is so fun to help her get dressed up. She loves it. Beth, you may not be aware but I have another girl on the way. She is due right around June 2 but she will probably be here earlier if I need a C-section. Lots of dress ups and tea parties in our future over here.