Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crayon and coloring book tote bag


Every mommy I know deals with crayon challenges and messes with one child or another. Some mommies have to figure out how to get crayon off the wall such as my mom did when my little brother decided to re-decorate my bedroom wall when I was a kid.  Others are so lucky as to have their kids color their clothing or leave crayons in their clothes pockets.   Our latest challenge was a recent experience with a purple crayon in Sophia's blue jeans pocket which resulted in little purple flecks all over Sophia's wardrobe because it went through the wash. I sat Sophia down and asked her if she put a crayon in her clothes and my sweet two-year old replied, "I put the purple crayon in jeans pocket!"  She seemed pretty proud of that too.  Sadly, I had to tell her the bad news is that we can't put crayons in our pockets because it ruins our pretty dresses and clothes.  She thought about that and looked as though she understood.  I will definitely be checking her clothes pockets a little more closely from now on.  I learned my lesson.  I am happy to report that I was able to get all the crayon out and saved all her winter clothes.  
                                                                      (Carrying the tote bag to follow daddy to the door pictured above)

Shortly after that crayon incident, I thought maybe she would like to put her crayons in special little pockets.  Kids like little places to put things if I remember something from my early childhood studies many years ago. As a result of these thoughts, I sewed this little tote bag for her crayons and coloring book that we can take along to places and not have to risk her putting crayons in her pockets to take them wherever we go. This is also a good way to make sure I have all the crayons accounted for and none are in her clothes pockets.

I think she will love her little crayon tote bag because I made it especially for her.  She loves when mommy makes special things for her with my sewing machine and serger.  She exclaimed last night when I was finishing up her tote bag, "Mommy, more sewing machines!" when she saw the serger and sewing machine sitting on the coffee table.  She climbed up in my lap with a bright smile on her face as she recalled her little owl backpack which she named "Peck Peck."   She then jumped of my lap and crept over to her owl backpack and brought it to me to show me that she liked it and proceeded to pick up the nearest toys on the floor to show me how it worked. Once fully loaded, she wanted to wear it on her back. It was so cute.

This crayon and coloring book tote was still not completed when she went to bed so she will be surprised in the morning when she wakes up.  I enjoy the look on her face and know she appreciates the love and thought that went into whatever I have created for her.  I love being a mommy and making little things for my beautiful daughter.  Even my husband was curious as to what I was making when he saw me sewing away. I think he knows that although I really don't enjoy cooking, I love sewing and have for a long time.   I told him just wait and you will see when I am finished.  I can report that he liked the little crayon and coloring tote bag but he didn't ask me to make one for him to take him crayons to work with him so I guess I am off the hook on that one.

She found her surprise and screamed  because she was so excited!

She couldn't wait to try it out.

The cutest moment though was when her daddy was leaving for work this morning and she told him that he needed his crayons at work so he should bring it with him when she walked him to the door.  He smiled with pride at her two year old offering to share.  Wow! I think that made his day.
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