Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sophia with her Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Don

Sophia having brunch with her Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Don at Frederick's

Sophia gobbling up a yummy strawberry.

Kisses and Hugs for Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Don

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Scott's sister and brother-in-law came in for the week to visit. They live in Texas so we don't get to see them too often other than on the webcam.   While in town they attended a funeral, so it was a very busy week.

Sophia really enjoyed getting know and spend time with her Aunt and Uncle and asked each day, "Where did Uncle Don and Aunt Phyllis go?"  Each day during their visit I would reassure her that they would come over to play with her or have breakfast, lunch, or dinner with her.  She enjoyed many a chuckle over the funny expressions that her Uncle Don entertained her with as well as playing toys with Aunt Phyllis. I think she really would miss them each day before they came over to visit. I am glad she had the opportunity to bond with her relatives since they live so far away.

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