Friday, July 12, 2013

Purina Farms

My girls were so excited to go to Purina Farms today.  They both love animals so this was a very fun day for them.
Kaylee waving "Hi!" To the "Sicilian" Donkey.   My girls don't know they they are Sicilian Italians but I had to smile knowing this animal's ancestors came from Sicily like my family.
Peaking through the gates.

Sophia and Kaylee watching the mini horse eat hay.
"Mommy, look at the chicken."

Both girls petting the chicken.  Photo turned out blurry though.
Kaylee insisted on petting the piglet.

"Mommy baby piggy is resting," says Kaylee.

Girls petting a little rabbit.

We watched the dog show. My girls loved it. Kaylee says she wants to train our dog to do tricks.

Kaylee told me, "I teach Brandy to catch a frisbee."
dog flying through the air to catch a frisbee.

Caught mid-flight with frisbee in mouth.
Agility training includes going through tunnels and weavig in and out around the poles below.

My pictures of the diving dock dogs didn't turn out.  It was fun to see the high flying dogs jump and land in the pool.  Kaylee said she wants up teach Brandy our yellow lab how to swim.  I told her Brandy knows how to swim.  Her cute little eyes were excited when she realized what I meant. 
Sophia, Kaylee and some friends playing tractors.
A bunch is the kids from our group watching the littlest people play.

Omg!  Our whole group stood on a scale,  all together with adults and kids we weighed as much as a dairy cow.  Uh oh!
My girls looking into the Koi and goldfish pond.
Kaylee sat down to take a break and enjoy the pretty scenery.

My girls posing, well sort of, near the waterfall of the Koi pond.

Sophia and one of her best friends hanging out by the waterfall.
Kaylee running the Auger that demonstrates how dog and cat food are made.
Turn that wheel faster Kaylee.
"Look, I made it go!"

Now, we have to turn this wheel.

What a fun day we enjoyed learning about animals, their food, and how some do tricks with lots of friends.

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