Friday, July 5, 2013

Kaylee's crayon activity tote

The tote is a little big but it can hold color books and 
color wonder lap desks too as pictured here.
Crayon tote
I made the handle extra long because Kaylee likes to wear her bags/purses cross-body style which is very popular today in high fashion.  Models are wearing purses that way and Kaylee seems to have picked up on that because she wears her silver sequined heart shaped purse that way. 
I lined the inside and rolled the hem with the variegated rainbow thread so that it would match the outside.  

I haven't made any crayon totes in awhile so I decided to make Kaylee her very own crayon tote.  I used rainbow striped fabric, rainbow variegated thread with yellow and red fabric on my serger.  

I started out making the stretchy crayon pockets to hold the crayons or pencils as pictured here.   I made the pockets big enough to hold the toddler coloring pencils or markers so that we could leave it in the car and not have it melt all over the upholstery. The reason I made the
pockets stretchy is so that Kaylee could easily take the pencils in and out of the tote.  It also allowed me to learn how to use the new elastic foot on my serger.  I admit it took me several tries to use the elastic foot with elastic and a triple cover stitch but the end results were worth it.  It will take more practice for me to get used to that one. 

I also used a rolled hem with the rainbow variegated serger thread to make the edge match the rainbow fabric.  I was so excited about how it came together looking like it was all planned together.  

I made the bag stiff with a stiff machine washable lining so the tote would stand up, and not spill its contents all over the floor.  I learned some new techniques making this tote for my daughter.  She kept asking me if i would finish it soon all throughout the process.  I hope she likes the fun bright colors.

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