Saturday, July 6, 2013

New ideas on my serger using the beading and cord foot.

Last night I wanted to try a new technique sewing on rattail  cord with the cording foot.  This application would be useful to add a decorative cording on fabric.  However, I had something else in mind.  I had this idea in my head and I just had to try it.  Would it work? 
Of course!  It worked.  I serged rainbow variegated thread onto rattail cord, added a lobster claw, two crimp beads and two pony jump rings and suddenly I had a rainbow colored braided bracelet.  

Then, I thought let me try yellow and black for my Winghaven Wahoos swimmer Sophia. 

As a Stl Cardinal fan my whole life, I thought let me try red and white. 

The wheels inside were turning and I thought wait, I can make these even thicker.  I am going to try Pearl Crown Rayon in peacock blue and white in the loopers.  Oh yeah!  Love it.  

Next I pulled the ponytail elastic out of my hair, wondering if I could use the cording foot to cover it in peacock blue.  Well, it worked but I may have to practice ending the threads a bit.  The girls can wear it though because the slight extra threads won't be noticeable when wrapped around their hair. I am going to try trimming the threads a bit more.  I love when I make discoveries of how to make something new on my serger.  That is the  coolest part of playing with my serger.  

Sophia was excited about the bracelets this morning.
I also tried one more with metallic confetti looking thread.  Sophia insisted upon having me buy this thread for her yesterday.  Looks even better in person.

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