Friday, April 27, 2012

Kaylee's Second Birthday - Happy Birthday 2nd Birthday

My sweet affectionate little Kaylee loves Mickey Mouse and Mini Mouse and watches the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse program each day.

Kaylee is opening her presents.  It is a little hard to tell from the box but this is a kid-sized barbecue grill so she can grill dinner outside like we sometimes do.
Look at that serious expression.  She is very focused on what is inside that box mommy is about to open.

Uncle Mike tells Kaylee if she will push it over to him, he will build it for her.  She of course can't wait to see it so she pushes the box as big as her over to her Uncle Mike.

Watching Uncle Mike build the barbecue grill toy.  While Uncle Mike is building the grill. The girls decide to entertain themselves.
They decide to make party hats out of the tissue paper since we didn't have party hats this time.

Sophia made this crazy party hat all by herself.

I was impressed by her skills of paper folding and shaping.

Kaylee got some new pajamas with Mini Mouse on them  

Uncle Mike helped her look at the front of them.

Kaylee hold up the pajamas so we can see Mini Mouse.

Kaylee is giving her favorite sister a big hug for the Strawberry Shortcake card and the Mini Mouse dress up doll.

Kaylee excited about a new book.

Mommy reading a book to Kaylee

Wow!  Mommy, it is a new baby.  Kaylee received a doll like her sister has so they can play together.

She looks excited.

Mommy showing Kaylee her new doll friend.
Kaylee getting some food out to grill.

Whoa Kaylee point that ketchup bottle towards the burger.  You would have just squirted mommy in the face if that were a real ketchup bottle.  She is adding ketchup to my hamburger.

Sophia grilling.Kaylee grilling a hamburger and some cupcakes.

Oops, are these sprinkles I am putting on the hamburger?  That's okay.  We will pretend they are seasonings for the meat.

MMM!  That looks delicious!

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