Friday, April 27, 2012

Kaylee's Family 2nd Birthday Party Preparations

Sophia dressed her Sophie doll in a party dress to bring to the party because she knew there was going to be a special surprise new friend arriving for Kaylee. She wanted her doll to be ready to meet her sister's new doll. 

Sophia loves playing dolls and is displaying her big bright smile which is always on her face. 

While I was making the birthday cake, Kaylee woke up from her nap.  I had to figure out a way to keep her entertained so she wouldn't climb on the table and stick her fingers into the cake. I let her sit in her booster seat (BEST PRODUCT EVER) and let her sample an extra mini cupcake with chocolate fudge icing that I had already dyed black.  As you can see, she was a fantastic taste tester and even wore some of it on her face during the sampling phase of the cake decorating before the party.  I was worried her face was going to be stained but luckily Dawn Dish detergent takes off black cake dye. 
I originally intended to make Mickey Mouse with several round cake pans of various sizes, but realized that two heart shaped tart pans made a bow so I made Mini Mouse instead.  I am no "Cake Boss" when it comes to decorating cakes but I think this will work for Kaylee's birthday party. 

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