Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Princess Birthday Cake fit for a four year old Princess

Sophia had a birthday party this weekend. She told me exactly which friends she wanted to invite. At almost four years old she told me the names of Fourteen kids she wanted there. I thought that was pretty impressive that she could recall all those names. So, we had to bake and frost a cake. She chose the Princess idea and I thought we could do that, just needed to buy the doll top and used my Pampered Chef large mixing bowl. I baked the cake dress form in the bowl at 350 degrees for about 55 minutes and the other round cake pan for the normal round cake time.

I demonstrated that Sophia could spread the bright pink icing with a butter knife. Sophia was so excited to spread the icing on the slightly frozen cake so it wouldn't crumble.

Here I am helping her smooth the icing around a bit.

Here, I asked her what else was needed. Flowers of course was the answer!

So I taught Sophia on wax paper how to make icing flowers with the Wilton icing bags and tip set I had. She thought the best part was eating the mistakes. Oops, she licked her fingers.

Here is the finished cake.

Sophia was so proud of her Princess Cake we made.

She is naming her Ariel in this photograph.

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