Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bicycle riding lessons

Sophia told me she wanted to learn to ride her bicycle again so out we went. Can I say, this little bike is sooo heavy.

Her first crash. She rolled off the cart path near our neighbor's house.

Kaylee wanted to try to ride her little bike too.

Wanna race?

Kaylee telling me she has a hat.

Look mom, I can do this just like Sophia, right onto the grass.

This is right after she fell off the bike and landed on the concrete. I told her, to just shake it off, and I acted like it was no big deal. She needs me to act like that to teach her "No Drama." Everyone falls off but that shouldn't stop her. The difference between a winner and a quitter is the "winner never quits". The "quitter never wins" Get back on that bike! She got back on the bike after a kiss and hug and started trying again.


There we go....

Here we come.....

Focus on making circles with your feet and don't forget to steer the handle bars.

Keep going!

Back the other way....

Okay, now make sure you point the handle bars the direction you want to go so you don't hit a house, a golfer, or a tree my darling.

Starting to get the hang of riding.

Kaylee was tired of riding so she began practicing climbing steps.

Here we come. Guide the handle bars where you want to go.

Sophia was just starting to get the hang of it when she said, "Mommy, I am tired of riding. I want to go 'run' now!". And she hopped off the bike and started running while I put her bike back in the house.

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