Saturday, July 31, 2010

Boating vacation July 31, 2010

Sophia sporting her new life jacket on her "boating chair" as she likes to call it.

Poor kaylee is in a lifejacket in her baby harness. I am not sure she can move in this but it is how I carried her down the steps and onto the dock and into the boat.

Mommy's got you Kaylee Mae

The wait staff is pretty young here on the boat. No worries though she will accept tips in the form of contributions to her college fund.

"Daddy, do you need a beer?" asked Sophia.

"Here, captain roger. Here is beer for you too!"

Relaxing in the boat on the water

A happy baby in the cabin of the boat.

Sophia and Grandma, sunbathing beauties tanning their legs and feet.

Kaylee sunbathing with her SPF clothing over her swimsuit protecting her from the rays.

Wind blowing in my hair, waves crashing around the boat, holding my sweet baby kaylee and watching my darling Sophia enjoy the day; life doesn't get much better than this.

A girl needs her drink

Look at my "Hello Kitty" shoes

Kaylee dancing to the band music

Kaylee chilling with her mom.

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