Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comparing the girls at three months

Sophia at three months. Sophia was still laying down and smiling at us a lot at three months. She had not even tried to roll over until four months and was not yet holding her own head up but she was super smart. She was trying to imitate me talking and had figured out that there wasn't any milk in her pacifiers so they were of no use to her. I really think that her not taking a pacifier may be the reason for her talking so early. I will never forget the day I was sitting on the couch holding her in my arms and she looked me right in the eye and said, "milk!" at four months. I thought I was going crazy and then my husband heard her say it too and she hasn't stopped talking since.

Kaylee at three months. Kaylee is much more physically motivated than Sophia. Kaylee holds her head up and can sit in a Bumbo seat as pictured here. Kaylee rolled over at two months on june 26th and has been rolling over ever since. Not only does she roll over but she also scoots around on her back or belly if she is trying to get somewhere. She is a girl with a high determination and motivation to move.

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