Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Baby Snuzzle" (patent pending)

Kaylee is using the "Baby Snuzzle" (patent pending).   I designed this as an original gift for my friends who were having babies about the time we were due.. I wanted to make something unique, useful and cute. After several trials and ideas, this was the end result.   It can be used as a bottle holder blanket (shown above) burp cloth, beautiful bib, baby towel, and an emergency diaper if needed.  I thought, "with a baby around who couldn't use one of these?"  For the past few months I have used some of these around town with my own kids, and people have asked me to make them for them for baby gifts.  So, I am in the process of getting them patented and selling them online.

A bib

Emergency diaper

If you need  one, I sell them through Google.  The widget for purchasing them is to the right of the post. Thanks for reading my blog.

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