Saturday, April 26, 2014

Painting smock designed and made by big sister Sophia

What is a little girl to do when she doesn't  have paint smock like big sister?  Ask big sister for help. "Mom, I will just make Kaylee a paint smock so we can paint with watercolors."  Sophia ran into the kitchen and recycled some grocery bags by cutting the bottoms out.  She grabbed the stapler and stapled the skirt to the top and then stapled the back so it wasn't too wide. 

She stapled and stapled.

All the way around she stapled.
She told Kaylee put your arms through the bag handles like sleeves and then she grabbed some plastic gloves and put them on Kaylee's hands.

Here Kaylee is modeling her proud smock dress made by her sister Sophia.  
Kaylee informed me that her smock was white with red polka dots and a blue skirt. 

I better be careful.  These two might get dangerous if they get into my fabric stash in my sewing room. Yikes!

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