Saturday, April 26, 2014

First time Sophia swinging her brand new pink golf clubs


Mommy took Sophia up to Winghaven Country Club to learn how to use her new bright pink golf clubs while it was sunny out today.  I set my old  beat up putter at her feet and demonstrated to her how important foot placement is in driving the ball. I haven't played in more than 7 years but it all started coming back to me as I taught my both my daughters today. 
I taught my little girls how to grip the clubs and foot placement.  They were surprised mommy had tees in my golf bag.  (It is sweet how they are so surprised at the simplest things like mommy having a supply of wooden tees in case we broke one.)
I told Sophia to put her toes behind the putter just like putting her toes on the line in dance.  I told her we had lots of time to learn so no need to rush.  I couldn't take pics of me showing her how to swing obviously.  These photos show how I let her start taking a few swings on her own.  I gently coached her into cleaning her swing up as we went along. 
With each swing she got better at not turning the club face and controlling her swing.
At times she missed because, well this photo shows it all. She bent over too much reaching out.
And then she made contact and wham!  The golf ball flew.  She was SO excited!  
Mommy, I am ready to try again. Line up and.....
Line up and backswing.

And then her daddy arrived and helped too.  I actually caught this one on her backswing with her dad.
Daddy placing the golf ball on the tee.
Daddy helping refine her swing.

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