Saturday, November 2, 2013

Random sewing projects

I have been sewing everything in sight lately.
 Sophia insisted on having a tote bag made from the sparkle star fabric above.  The only problem with that was it is light sparkle organza which doesn't lend itself well to making tote bags like a nice cotton or duck cloth fabric.  So, I lined the tote bag and used the sparkle pink and purple organza as an overlay over a nice cotton fabric.  It was super easy to sew on my serger and I completed the whole project in about two hours.  I made a braided handle with the colors of the bag.  Sophia was really excited about her tote and used it to trick or treat in her Sofia the First costume I made for her below.

So I have a little cruise coming up next week that I will be dressing up and wearing a few formal cocktail dresses for in the evenings.  I needed some fancy wraps to go with the dresses I bought.  I have been searching for awhile for the perfect wrap but couldn't seem to find the right thing for each of my fancy cocktail dresses, so I went to the fabric store and decided to sew what I wanted. I serged this iridescent sequined fabric above to complement one of my cocktail dresses.
I also serged a more casual white scarf/wrap with iridescent thread to use with my less formal dresses. 
I made it plenty wide so it could be used as a scarf or a wrap.
The last item I serged was a ruffled scalloped edge scarf/wrap to cover up with as well. This picture does not do it justice, but in person, it is so fun and ruffled. What girl doesn't love ruffles?  I certainly do and my  little girls wanted to know which wraps they could have.  

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