Friday, June 22, 2012

Sophia and Kaylee's Garden June 22,2012

This morning Kaylee and I went to pull some weeds and cultivate the garden with the garden tools.  I got all dirty crawling around on the ground and had to rush home for the quickest shower on record before Sophia's last day of camp Program.  So if you saw Kaylee and I at ICD this morning and Kaylee looked a bit muddy, well, she had a good reason. She dozed off while I got cleaned up and I forgot to change her muddy clothes until I was walking out the door. I will be posting Sophia's program info soon.  I am pretty pleased with the way my garden is progressing.  I was amazed that the zucchini plants are as tall as Kaylee.  I know my girls are going to love picking the veggies in a few weeks.  They are already begging me.  Sophia was excited about the pepper and squash I brought home for her today.  They are pictured below. :)

Rows of tomatoes

Going to have lots of squash and


Kaylee admiring her vegetable plants.

Beans and peas needing a good weeding

The zucchini and squash plants are almost as big as my sweet Kaylee beans girl.

My first yellow bell pepper growing.

I pulled the weed right under that leaf and the pepper fell off the plant into my hand.

Tomatoes. I can't wait up sink my teeth into the first juicy red tomato of this summer.

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