Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sophia and Kaylee garden

Tuesday was a busy day. We watched Smurfs at the free summer series for kids at the Great Escape Movie Theatre. It was the first time I have seen the movie. After that fun time, we went to do some hard work.

I planted a good sized garden a few weeks back with lots of vegetables so today was weeding day. I was covered in the dirt from head to toe pulling weeds and adding cages to my tomato plants but it was worth the work. I can't wait to eat all these yummy vegetables in a few months. Mmmmm!

Grandpa entertaining the girls by taking Kaylee for a wagon ride on his scooter.

Sophia sitting on the garden seat resting.

Caged Tomatoes

Yellow and red bell peppers. Yeah, I found one tiny pepper at bottom of the plant so far.

Sophia planted a few random corn seeds that have grown into stalks.

Squash and Zucchini plants are doing super.  They are almost as big as Kaylee.

A honey dew plant just for fun.

I planted a row of green beans

Shown here is a row of Asparagus

The Peas look good too.

Onions are always easy to grow.

Sophia and Kaylee Garden. I am so excited that this is going pretty well. I have always planted container gardens and had a little success and a few veggies. I have high hopes for this large garden and hope the critters don't eat all the goodies before my girls and I can enjoy the result of my hard work.

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