Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Secret to my kids eating their vegetables part 1 (Our Secret Garden) - Grow them

Most parents struggle with getting their kids to eat vegetables. I can honestly say I have fed my kids veggies since they started on solid foods. I feel it is my responsibility as a parent to teach my kids what and how to eat to keep them healthy. Not only is it a good idea to teach my kids to eat healthy, but it is also a great way to learn some science on a very basic level of how things grow and what is needed to accomplish the task of growing plants and vegetables. Each year my kids and I plant a garden in containers on my backyard deck because we don't have a big yard on the golf course.

This year we are changing things a bit and planted a huge garden in an undisclosed area, not at my house, here in town. It has ample room for many vegetables and even a couple fruit plants. The kids were so excited to pick out the little plants and seeds with me at Lowes this morning near us.

We selected several varieties of tomatoes including Big Boy,

grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, a couple hybrids and a couple other varieties.

We also chose squash, zucchini, cucumbers,

and acorn squash.

Sophia insisted on a few strawberry plants and I snuck in a honeydew plant. We selected carrots, yellow bell peppers and red bell peppers too.

Not only did we choose these but we also found some seeds including corn (Sophia insisted on corn), lettuce, green beans, and peas.

I spent about four hours digging up this area and planting small plants and seeds. Thanks to a very friendly neighbor tilling the land prior to planting, digging was fairly easy. The girls had fun digging in the dirt and getting all muddy and dirty. They were so tired from the sun and work that they fell asleep on the way home.

We saved a few plants and seeds to plant on containers in our deck so the girls can go out and water and pick veggies and strawberries each day,  but this year we should have way more veggies than in years past. I can't wait to go pick my tomatoes and sink my teeth into the first sweet slice of yummy juicy vine ripened tomato free of chemicals and pesticides. Yummy veggies will be eaten by all in our house this year.

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