Monday, May 7, 2012

New Crowns for the Princesses to use in their Castle downstairs

Kaylee has recently shown some interest in using the potty chair so we have been reading the story "The Princess and the Potty" over and over and over. Inside the book there is a cardboard punch out crown that you are supposed to add stickers to as rewards.  The problem with this is there is only one and two girls want to wear a princess tiara at the same time. Although Sophia is way past learning to potty she still loves Princess Tiara Crowns and wants to wear the sparkling bling.  Let's face it; every girl wants to be a princess and wear sparkling bling bling and a fancy tiara is the way to do that.  So, we made Princess Tiaras today for the girls as a rainy day craft.
Here Sophia is adding some fancy colors and foam stickers to her glittery crown.

Kaylee is selecting some colorful foamy stickers to add to her tiara as well.

Sophia is trying on her Tiara.

Kaylee is placing the foamy stickers on her tiara.

They are done.  Let's grab our magic wands and head for the castle downstairs. Beware of the dragons and don't kiss any frogs.  It is a myth that frogs turn into princes or so I have been told.  I haven't kissed any frogs lately to qualify my opinion but I am pretty sure princes are few and far between these days.

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